Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 7 Blog: Ender's Game, Chapter 9, 10

(Begins Nov 19 - Ends Nov 26)
Read Ender's Game, Chapters 9 and 10, and respond to these questions:

Chapter 9

“The mind game is a relationship between the child and the computer. Together they create stories. The stories are true, in the sense that they reflect the reality of the child's life. That's all I know” (Card, 121)

1) What game is this quote referring to? What do you think of this kind of game? Would you want to play?

2) While Ender learns the ropes of Battle school, Peter and Valentine Wiggen have begun a game of their own. What is the nature of this game? What is the goal? The rules? Who designed this game, and who is playing? What are the game pieces?

Chapter 10

1) In this chapter, what sort of games does Ender use to teach? What is his role in these games?

2)Would you want Ender for a teacher? Why or why not?

3)If you were a teacher, would you want to be like Ender? Why or why not? Would you use his games? What kind of games would you use, in his position?


  1. Josh Halford

    Chapter 9

    1.) It's referring to the game in which Ender destroyed the giant and made his way to the "end of the world" where he finds a manifestation of Peter. I think that somehow involving a person's thoughts into a game is a little too invasive for something that, in most cases, should be entertaining. On the other hand, music and atmosphere used in video games is trying to play off one's thoughts, it's just not as specific as the example in the book.

    2.) Peter and Valentine have been posting columns and essays on the "nets" and building a following for the two aliases. The goal is for Peter to have control over his country, or possibly even the world. The rules are that they cannot write for each other's alias, they can't comment on the same things at the same time, and they can't sound at all like the same person. Peter designed it and Peter and Valentine are playing. The game pieces are their aliases.

    Chapter 10

    1.) One game is the dressing game in which the soldiers must be dressed within three minutes from first call in the first week, two minutes the next, and so on.

    2.) I think so. Ender seems like a good person, a good soldier and someone who is fair and a good teacher. Who wouldn't want the best student to be their teacher?

    3.) I probably would. I'm sure I would be lying awake thinking about all the things I had said in practice like Ender does. The games he used sound like the right ones considering all the things he has learned and accomplished so far in the book.

  2. David Short

    Chapter 9

    1)It's the game where Ender destroyed the giant and went to the end of the world. It's a game that requires a person's thoughts to work. I think that it could be fun to an extent. There would have to be certain boundaries.

    2)The goal is to take control over and rule a country, or more. The rules are, you can't sound the same, can't comment at the same time, and you can't write for each other. The game pieces are their aliases.

    Chapter 10

    1)The soldier dressing game.

    2)Yes. He has a great sense of fairness and he would be an easy person to get along with and relate to.

    3)Most likely. Because, I would want my students to be able stand being around me and pay attention. I would pretty much use all of the same games that Ender used.

  3. Kevin Lam

    1. The quote refers to the game Ender plays on his desk. It is about how the game reads into the player's life and reflects his reality into the game. I would not like to play this game because it seems to analyze the player. It seems to manipulate itself to the player it reads on and changes itself to suit the player or to further analyze. Also its motives of what the game does changes and does not reveal the meanings to anyone.

    2. The nature of Val and Peter's game is to almost rule over the world through their public speaking and debating. They plan on doing this by unifying everyone together with the fake identities they have on the net. Peter started all of this and the rules are that they must sound like the same person and to not seem like they know each other by staying avoiding each other on the net. The game pieces are themselves and the people who read what they type.

    1. The games he makes to teach his new army is dressing quickly otherwise go out naked. Then there is the picking on the smallest brightest kid to make him a better soldier. He is essentially treating him like everyone treated Ender to push him to the limit of his potential.
    2. I would very much like Ender as a teacher. He is tough on the soldiers but it is for the better good. What is the point of having a teacher that doesnt want you to succeed and be the best you can be.
    3. I would like to similar to Ender in his teaching methods. I think it is effective and would yield the results he would want. I would use the same type of games he uses. Introducing a game that will most likely get failures at the start which would have consequences. Then it would show not to make those mistakes again and to learn from it quickly otherwise the punishment may be worse.

  4. Chapter 9
    1) It’s the game were Ender destroyed the giant and he reaches the end of the world, were the game reads the players mind, memories, thoughts and incorporates it into the game. I would not want to play a game that can access my mind.

    2) To take control over his country or world, they can't sound the alike, cannot comment at the same time, cannot write for each other and game pieces are their aliases.

    Chapter 10
    1) He has the soldiers play a dressing game by timing them.

    2) Yes, he is a good soldier, fair and seems to be a good teacher.

    3) Yes, he seems to be doing a good job at it and doing the games that get results.

  5. Its the game where Ender destroys the giant and then reaches the end of the world. This game reads the players mind and uses that to create the game space. A game like this could allow the player to realize things about himself. Depending on the players past some people would not want to play a game that uses the mind to create it. I would consider playing a game like this.

    The game was created by Peter and the goal is to take over the country or world using speech.Peter and Valentine are playing and the rules are that they cannot sound alike, comment at the same time or write for each other. The game peices are Peter and Valentine.

    The game is a soldier dressing game.

    Ender is a good soldier/teacher. He is hard but fair which would bring the best out of his students.

    I would like to be like Ender if I was a teacher. He does a good job and gets good results using his methods.

  6. This quote refers to the the time when ender traveled to the end world and defeated the giant.This kind of game sounds very interesting because your mind becomes the creator of your own space. I dont think i would play it because the space may reflect bad moods and fears.

    The nature of peters game was evil.Peters game is made to take control of the world by manipulating everyone. The rules are that they all have to sound like each other and act as if they do not know each other.

    Where the soldiers have to dress up.

    yes i would love Ender as a teacher. He preps the soldiers for the worst.

    Yes Ender's teaching is on point and effective.The games that Ender uses to teach are ones brought from good expieriences so i would definatly use somthing like his dressing game.

  7. 1) The quote refers to the link between the mind's imagination and subconscious thoughts being portrayed in the game. It would be awesome to play, I imagine it would be like being awake during your dreams.

    2) The game is a mystery, nature is truly unknown at this point (though one could fathom a guess that peter is doing it for the wrong reasons). The goal seems to be a war though that is also unclear. The rules, do what Peter says, don't get caught. Peter designed the game. The game pieces are their online counterparts.

    3) Well I dont know whether I would truly call it a "game", even in the most basic sense, but Ender decides to be a tough commander. It might be construed as a game from Ender's perspective, but not for the squad he's over seeing.

    4) Yes, because he is obviously fair, and very successful at what he does.

    5) For all the same reasons stated above.

  8. CHAPTER 9
    1) It's referring the the game Ender plays on the computer in which he fights the giant and explores the land.
    2) Peter and Valentine are playing a game in which they both assume aliases with which Peter will try to gain prestige and political power. The rules are that they each must say what the other person is thinking and never sound alike, and they must never respond to each other too quickly so as not to raise suspisions.
    The players are Peter and Valentine, and, depending on how you look at it, so is the rest of the world. The rest of the world, however, is more like the game board and the citizens are the pieces that Peter and Valentine use to gain power.

    CHAPTER 10
    1) Ender uses a variety of games to teach his soldiers, including speed games in which they must prepare for events in a certain amount of time, or they face consiquences, such as having to run around with no clothes on.
    2) Ender is a good person, but I dont know if I would want him as a teacher. He has little confidence in the way he teaches his students and is always second guessing himself. He does, however, posses good leadership qualities that may outwheigh his confidence issues.

    3) I think I would teach in a similar manner; since his students are within his age group he knows he has to be a bit tough on them, which makes them a better, stronger unit.