Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 10 Blog: Ender's Game, Chapter 15

(Begins Dec 10 - Ends Dec 17)
Read Ender's Game, Chapters 15, and respond to these questions:

Chapter 15

1) What was really going on during Free Play, and the mind game involving the Giant's Corpse? Who's game was this? Who designed it? Who was a player to it?

2) What was the relationship between Ender and the Bugger Queen? How were they alike? How would you compare/contrast this relationship to the one between Ender and his brother Peter?

3) What is the relationship between winners and losers in a game? What is the nature of the enemy?

“It sounds nice. But I couldn't stand it. I've been offered the presidency of three different universities, on the theory that I'm an educator. They don't believe me when I say that all I ever cared about at the Battle School was the game.” (Card, 306)


  1. Josh Halford

    Chapter 15

    1.) Ender was the creator. The buggers replicated what he had thought up by extracting the thoughts in his dreams.

    2.) Ender and the queen both did not understand each other's species. Peter was openly hostile toward Ender, whereas the conflict between the humans and the buggers was not about hostility, but about lack of communication.

    3.) When one loses, they can either accept defeat or they can resent the winner until they have the opportunity to exact revenge. The bugger queen accepted her defeat.

  2. Chapter 15
    1) The creator was Ender and the buggers copied his thoughts and his dreams.

    2) They didn’t understand each other’s life form. Peter didn’t hide that he was a bully towards Ender. The problem between the buggers and the humans was about the lack of communication.

    3) A loser can resent the winner and not learn from their mistake or accept it and learn to do better next time. Nature of an enemy is to get back at the other person.

  3. Kevin Lam

    1. During free play and the mind game Ender was creating the pathway for a hiding spot for the future queen. I believe the player was still Ender I think. I think I might be missing something between the game and the buggers.

    2. Ender and the queen were alike by both being the minds behind the attacking armies. Unsure of the other species and how they work and think. The relationship between Ender and the queen differ from his and Peters is that the conflict between the queen is somewhat shaded while his and peters is blatantly obvious and bad.

    3. I think the relationship between winners and losers can differ alot depending on what the game is. Most of the time though, I dont think there is anything between them except wanting to defeat the others at no cost. They can be friends or even lovers sometimes but most of the time it is enemies. I liked the point that Mazer made that the enemy is a teacher. I think the nature of the enemy is to be there to defeat you. Depending on the outcome and what you take from it they can be a teacher for you to learn from.

    Cool book I enjoyed it. Sort of mixed on how it ends... just a bit.

  4. The buggers created it using Enders mind.He was the player and when he explored it and was led to the buggers queen.

    There minds were alike in the sense that they were the minds controlling armies to defeat the enemy. They didnt mean to murder they just didnt understand one another.

    The relationship between the losers and winners is in the end they came to finally understand each other.The queen and ender were able to communicate. Usually the loser will resent the winner but instead the loser came to understand and forgive the winner.

    Good book but I wish it would have said that Ender found a place for the buggers instead of saying he just searched for a long time.

  5. Ender was the creator in free play and the buggers used the ideas and thoughts he created in his mind.

    Ender and the queen were alike because they both shared the ability to control the armies with their minds. they also didnt uderstand their species. With peter and Ender their conflict was not caused by an unknown issue. Peter just had only evil intentions.

    In the end the loser and winner will both begin to understand each other more. The loser may take his loss as a lesson and grow from it or the loser may hate the fact that they lost and be angry towards the winner.

  6. Chapter 15
    1) Ender was the creator and the buggers tried to communicate to him through his dreams.
    2) Ender and the Queen both didn't understand each others species, they both felt remorse for the killing they unknowingly did, and were unable to communicate to each other. While Peter was hostile to Ender even though Peter was more than able to communicate with Ender. Peter didn't feel much remorse and would even torture, while Ender usually didn't like to hurt others and would regret some of his chosen actions at times.
    3) If a game is competitive there must be a winner and a loser. Someone triumphs over the other. It's kinda a balance to make a game fair. You either win or lose (yes sometimes there are ties...). Each team can see the other as the enemy, competitor, someone in the way of their goal, etc. An enemy is someone or something that must be defeated or neutralized. An enemy can also be a way to motivate others, unite others, or tear apart others. Having an enemy is one of the things that are necessary for a war. And when the enemy is defeated they are either spared, executed, or evicted.

  7. 1) Ender created the game, the buggers were copying and re-interpreting his thoughts and dreams.

    2) They were confused with each other. The brother Peter was violent for the sake of violence, the bugger conflict was strictly based on lake of communication.

    3) Losers can hold a grudge and attack when the next opportunity arises to exact a revenge, or simply accept the loss, learn and move on.

  8. 1)The buggers were using the game to communicate with Ender in the only way they knew how; it was either to entice him to respond to them, or to get inside his head and see who he was. He was the only human that they knew of so they tried to communicate with him in the short time before they died.
    2)Ender finds the queen, who tries to convince him to protect her so that she can repopulate their world with more buggers. Neither of them meant to cause the other harm and stopped as soon as they realized that people/buggers were dying. The queen respects Ender and treats him well, whereas Peter was jealous of Ender and tried to control him through fear.
    2)In a well-played game, the winners and losers have respect for one-another, and the losers may try to learn from the winner's strategy so they might win the next time. There is competition, but it is all respectful and good-natured. The enemy is one you try to defeat in some sort of battle, the one whose tactics you try to learn and counter-act, and the one who you try to protect yourself against.